Certificate in Ministry

This course has been changed to three months once a year in one Edition at Church. The Edition will be beginning February of every New Year and after the three months the class in the edition graduates.

Class time will remain the same every weekend on Saturday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and on Sunday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm for three (3) months and will crown with an exam after the three (3) months.

After believers have studied and finished the certificate of ministry, they can now go further and study for the Diploma of Ministry.

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Current Session Notes:

Supernatural Living >> ENGLISH | LUGANDA

Principles of Financial Prosperity >> ENGLISH | LUGANDA

Last Session Notes:

Dynamics of Faith >> ENGLISH | LUGANDA

Laws of Success >> ENGLISH | LUGANDA

Course Units

  • Word Foundation
  • Divine Wisdom
  • Laws of Success
  • Dynamics of Faith
  • Family Life
  • Divine Health
  • Principles of Financial Prosperity
  • Supernatural Living
  • Understanding Fasting
  • Divine Character Development
  • Church Order and Administration
  • Holy Spirit and His Anointing
  • New Testament Faith Acts
  • Power of Praise
  • Power of Vision
  • Soul winning
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