Diploma in Ministry

This diploma is intended to stabilize the believer into ministry. As believers we need to know about how the church started and what happened after through two thousand years.

This is a one (1) year course with three (3) Semesters; a semester goes for one (1) month, classes are conducted every Sunday in a semester for two (2) hours from 2:00pm to 4:00pm you learn a new module taught in Luganda and interpreted in English.

The course enrollment is done in November of every year. Semesters are allocated as follows;

  • Semester 1 begins in November
  • Semester 2 begins in January
  • Semester 3 begins in June

Every module taught has a take home coursework which contributes to your final mark; every time you miss class you lose 10 marks off your final mark and every coursework handed in late, lead to loss of marks too.


Those believers who feel that there is no substitute for knowledge after they have done the certificate and the diploma are welcome to do the degree at no charge at all

Course Content


  • Bible Survey (OT and NT)
  • Hermeneutics
  • Homiletics
  • Counseling and Guidance


  • Church History One
  • Church History Two
  • Youth in Ministry
  • Discipleship


  • Leadership and Vision Principles
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Women Ministry
  • Young Ministers’ Manual.
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