A subsidiary of Kampala Bible Revelation Church under the command of Jesus Christ and under the apostleship of Dr Hanning Mutuukiriza who is the presiding apostle over Bible Revelation Churches in the world.

Kampala Bible Revelation Church Kyengera was founded in September 2005 in the Kampala suburb of Kyengera.

At this time this ministry was operating from a bar for 4 years after which the church was moved to a rented ground for three years and then finally the church got its home in Nabazizza a Kyengera suburb when it bought a plot of 75×50 feet.

After some time the church acquired the following neighboring plots within 5 years.

5×100 ft. plot
50×30 ft. plot
45×45 ft. plot
60×22 ft. plot
50 x 100 ft. plot.

From the time the ministry set foot on a 50 x75 ft. plot without money to procure the other plots however faith was available to take possession by removing or shoes and walking through the neighboring plots and confessing and believing that God had granted us the plots next to our plot.

Indeed God was so faithful that he didn’t allow people who had money then to buy off those plots despite the fact that they kept viewing and inspecting them for possible procurement. After procuring the last plot, the instruction to construct the sanctuary came forth from God. The work lasted only one year from foundation to dedication.

God was faithful to supply according to as he had promised.

No fundraising was done, no un due pressure on people to give, no music gala  to fundraise  no bank loan but God was the entire source of supply, the contractor and builder as per his word.

On 26 September 2017 the ground breaking was done for a 500 seater capacity church and on 4th September 2018 the sanctuary was dedicated without debt.


The vision of the ministry is placement and multiplication of people according to the word that the lord gave his servant Dr Hanning.

KBRC Kyengera is a home that raises men from grass to grace
A place of absolute transformation and growth
A place where spirit soul and body is nourished.
A place where a 180 degree turn around happens to people with open hearts to receive.


We’re a word of faith based movement and our core emphasis is God’s Word in its full expression. The Word is delivered in every service and in the Bible School which is an astounding and outstanding teaching arm of the ministry where every new church member is natured and indoctrinated in the faith.

Dr Hanning develops the revelation menu and shares it with the pastors who in turn distribute it to the congregation for a full balanced spiritual diet that culminates in unprecedented miracles and manifestations and results

When looking for a church that will give you a balanced approach to life and Christianity Kampala Bible Revelation Church Kyengera is the only place to be.


KBRC Kyengera is led by a radical disciple of Dr Hanning Pastor Richard and Flavia Kiyimba who have been married for 20 years blessed with four children

PR Richard and Flavia are some of the pioneer brethren in Kampala Bible Revelation church which started in 1995 in the faculty of arts in Makerere University but now sits on its own premises in Makerere.

Though not married then, they have always been ardent and radical followers of Dr Hanning Mutuukiriza and have embraced and understood the vision and call upon their pastor and are now an extension of the call that the lord gave Dr Hanning Mutuukiriza.

They both have full proof and demonstration of faith and have leant to live by faith and to hold the Word of God in sanctity and reverence for maximum productivity.

PR Richard and Flavia have been very instrumental in affecting and impacting lives of people in this ministry and continue to do so as the Lord leads and as Dr Hanning directs them.

PR Richard Is a dynamic in depth word teacher, motivation speaker, writer careers guide and effective counsellor. He also leads worship and praise and also plays a number of instruments

He has attended
Word of Faith Bible Institute
Doers of the Word Bible Institute
Glad Tidings Bible College
Cambridge Seminary


Sunday Services:
English Service >> 8:30am -10:00am.
Luganda Service >> 10:00am – 1:00pm.

Church Services live stream on: KBRC Kyengera Facebook.

Home Cell Groups:
Tuesdays >> 6:00pm – 7:00pm.

Bible Study:
Thursdays >> 6:00pm – 7:00pm.

Bible School:
Saturday and Sunday >> 2:00pm to 4:00pm
We have two in-takes every year; February to May and September to December

Children’s Church:
Every Sunday >> 10:00am – 1:00pm.

Radio Program: Impact FM 98.4
Saturday >> 6:30pm – 7:00pm.


Every Thursday >> 8:00am to 5:00pm OR on
0782-132-479 / 0702-177-186 and WhatsApp: 0790-535-588


Youth Ministry
Women and Children Ministry
Finance and Love Ministry
Temple Beauty Ministry
Music Ministry
Evangelism Ministry
Counselling Ministry

Kyengera Leadership Team

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