Kampala Bible Revelation Church – Kyengera is a branch of KBRC family that was established in Nabaziza Kyengera suburbs on 7th September 2005 by Pr. Hanning Mutukiriza the founder, overseer and father as well as custodian of KBRC ministries. PR. Hanning received a mandate from God in 1994 with a mission in Ezekiel 37:26 to place God’s people where they will multiply. The church has since multiplied to great numbers by God’s grace. KBRC Kyengera started in a bar known as Famous Club Canaan where it operated for three years. As the church grew; the ministry was moved to a rented ground where we constructed a temporary home for four years. It is after the four years that the church acquired a 50 x 75 ft piece of land which has since expanded four times. The first service on church own premises was held on 1st July 2011 in a temporary structure.


The church runs activities on particular days of the week and some Programmes are run once every month. On Sunday, we hold a worship service, Tuesday home cell groups, Thursday Bible study and a workers’ service every last Saturday of the month. All services are filled with a life changing Word, praise sessions and amazing testimonies that the hand of God has wrought.


The church is fully supported and funded by God. There has never been and there will never be a fundraising regarding ministry needs. God is fully in charge and will continue to provide as need arises. By the grace of God in the remote area at the end of the road lie life and a solution to people’s problems as Pr. Hanning continues to unveil the mysteries of the kingdom to the people God has sent him.

Church Leadership Team

Pr. Hanning Mutukiriza

Lead Pastor

I am Mutukiriza Hanning pastor of Kampala Bible Revelation Church....

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