Women of Revelation

Women of Revelation are great women, girls and ladies who find great revelations from the word of God in the event activities they do together for example Women’s Conferences, Women Fellowships, Women Tea Evenings etc. Every woman who joins church gets involved and enjoys the fellowship of the sisters. They sing, act, dance and many other edifying activities. They get Bible study fellowships which ground and establish them in the truth of the word of God.

  • Activities:
    They had a Women’s Conference in February (Theme: A Woman Enjoying Abundant Pleasures) from 2nd -5th March, 2015. Topics taught;
    A Woman who forgives & forgets (Day 1 Ps Doreen Kamya): Genesis.3:1-6 Eve sinned but that never hindered her from moving on (Isaiah 43:18-19, 2 Corinth. 5:17). Always in everything she gave thanks (Gen. 4:1-2, Gen. 4:25).
    A woman who keeps God’s plans (Day 2 Mrs. Mukisa Teo): Gen. 25:21-26, Rebekah enquired of God and she kept it a secret until it came to pass (Gen. 27:15-16, Gen. 27:42-46), she also must have faith in God (Heb. 11:3, Heb. 11:35)
    “A Woman in the Kitchen,” on 24th April, 2015.

Ministry Team

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