By Pastor Hanning Mutukiriza PhD

“Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.” (Genesis 3: 21)

For so long after I got born again, I knew that God cursed Adam and Eve when they sinned. I was also perturbed to know that He clothed them when they sinned. They taught me that God clothed them with the animal skins He got from the animals He sacrificed for their sins. You see when you are newly born again you know little from the scriptures so you just believe most of what you are told by those ahead of you.

But curiosity drove me to read these scriptures by myself and I got shocked at the discoveries I made. First of all God never cursed Adam and Eve when they sinned. He cursed the devil, He cursed the ground, He told Eve of the birth pangs just like a doctor would tell someone with a broken leg about his recovery process which involves a lot of pain. Then I discovered that God never told Adam and Eve to repent of their sin!!

That is mind blowing. What grace!! Then I discovered that God clothed Adam and Eve in coats of skins but it is not written that God killed animals. And if God were to kill animals to sacrifice for their sins, it would be so funny because they had sinned against Him. Would it make sense for God to kill animals to sacrifice to Himself for their sin?

But it’s not written. So where did God get the coats of skins if He didn’t kill animals? I will also ask, Where did Jesus get wine from at the wedding at Cana? Does God have to kill animals to get coats of skins? But Pastor, God killed animals to sacrifice for their sin. That is so so funny. This is the grace of God. He does things for us not because we are worthy. Even when they sinned, He clothed them. His grace is much greater than all sins combined.

Kampala Bible Revelation Church Makerere – Kavule

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